Our carefully made hand-crafted macarons provide a welcome splash of color – before they melt in your mouth. Each flavored macaron is filled with a delectable gourmet chocolate ganache. 6 boxes in a case. Each box contains 25 pieces of one flavor. 150 pieces in a case.

Apple Caramel - Green cinnamon macaron with apple white chocolate ganache and caramel center.

Blueberry - Blue classic macaron with blueberry mousseline.

Chocolate Coffee - Chocolate macaron with coffee ganache.

Chocolate Yuzu - Chocolate macaron with orange dark chocolate ganache and Yuzu curd center.

Coconut Mango - Coconut macaron with mango white chocolate mousseline.

Fleur de Sel Bourbon - Fleur de sel (Sea Salt) macaron with bourbon ganache.

Guava Rum - Rum macaron with guava milk chocolate ganache.

Irish Cream - Green classic macaron with white chocolate Irish Cream ganache.

Key Lime - Green classic macaron with key lime white chocolate ganache.

Mandarin Orange - Orange classic macaron with mandarin dark chocolate ganache.

Maple Walnut - Tan classic macaron with maple syrup white chocolate ganache and a candied walnut center.

Matcha - Matcha Green Tea macaron with white chocolate ganache.

Mint Raspberry - Red and green classic macaron with mint dark chocolate ganache and raspberry center.

Orange Praline - Orange praline macaron with chocolate praline ganache.

Passion Coconut - Coconut macaron with passion fruit ganache.

Pistachio Strawberry - Pistachio macaron with strawberry ganache.

Raspberry Chocolate - Raspberry macaron with chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Rhubarb - Red classic macaron with white chocolate strawberry rhubarb ganache.

French Macaron

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