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(throughout our website you might see our product referred to as Shaved Ice or Shaved Snow – these are interchangeable terms)


First, what Shaved Snow is not:

  • Snow Cones

  • Ice Cream

  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Hawaiian Shave Ice


Shaved Snow is a frozen treat that has a smooth, velvety texture and is often topped with fresh fruit. Shaved Snow is similar to Taiwanese Shaved Ice, or Baobing, but many countries around the globe have similar “snow ice” desserts with the major difference between them being in the content of the toppings added to the ice.

Here are some words/phrases that can be used to describe our product:

  • America’s newest frozen treat!

  • Cross between gourmet ice cream and snow!

  • Low in sugar!

  • Made with real fruit!

  • Texture of cotton candy!

  • Delicious!


Watch the video below to see Shaved Snow serving suggestions.


























Now that you’ve seen Shaved Snow in action, it’s time to taste it – if you own a business and would like to add Shaved Snow to your menu, please contact us to inquire about our upcoming tastings in the Chicagoland area.


If you don’t own a business, please consider sharing our concept with those you feel would fit with our product – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good ways to share.

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